During a week, the very chic Hendrick’s Gin took possession of the Hôtel Particulier Montmartre. Is it a gigantic cabinet of curiosities that became a living reality in the heart of Montmartre, revealing the human brain secrets.

Set designers and interior designers supported us during the transformation of this place on 3 levels. Archives, demonstrations, experiences, illustrations, curious objets and original staging : all was thought so that every corner of the apartments would deliver its bunch of surprises.

Dr Forman, Dr Gauquelin, Dr Isley, Dr Keeler and Dr Bennet, famous scientists, have prodigiously made their fetish mental experiments on the 150 influencers invited at the opening, then on the 400 participants, every evening during this week, in this giant cabinet of curiosities.

Neuro-specialists never enjoyed such a success.

© Shehan Hanwellage