On April 30, we thinked and produced the launch of the third « PP » capsule collection between adidas Football and Paul Pogba.

Lucky participants recruited from various flagships, journalists, photographers and influencers braved the rain to discover this new collection in world exclusive.

5 pm. Upon their arrival on this ephemeral set designed for the occasion, the participants are confronted with a structure of 15 meters, covered with the face of Paul Pogba, who dominates the event against the backdrop of Eiffel Tower.

Quickly: raise the curtain. The printed face of the player on the scaffold retracts, revealing a mosaic of models exposing the new outfits so long awaited.

Vapors, shouts of joy… and Paul Pogba appears on this imposing scaffolding, overlooking the event. A brief speech and a few selfies later, the player takes place at the edge of the pitch on which faces young players in 2vs.2 … coached by the idol of Manchester!

© Virgile Guinard